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The Biergerpakt (citizen's pact) is open to anyone of legal age who lives or works in Luxembourg. It gives me access to the intercultural living together programme.


My registration for the Biergerpakt is voluntary. By joining it, I actively participate in intercultural living together in Luxembourg. Through the Biergerpakt I discover Luxembourg, its languages, customs, values, associations and much more! 

I have already joined Biergerpakt. Now I can get started with the intercultural living-together programme. Here is what to expect from the programme:

Intercultural living together programme

The intercultural living together programme is free of charge and gives me access to trois modules d’introduction à la vie au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg et à un on life in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a catalog of individual modules (or advanced modules)on key topics of living together in Luxembourg. 


The Intercultural Living Together programme consists of the following three introductory modules: 

  • Orientation Day: a day to help me find my way around daily life in Luxembourg. 
  • Module linguistique: this module enables me to learn the country's languages on an online 
  • Discovering the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: I get a first overview of the country, its history and customs.

Important information : L’accomplissement des trois modules d’introduction est, pris en considération sous conditions dans le cadre d’une demande d’obtention du statut de résident de longue durée et dans le cadre de la demande d’acquisition de la nationalité luxembourgeoise par voie d’option. 


I also have access to a catalogue of individual modules. In this catalog, I can choose from a wide range of courses and activities according to my personal situation, needs and interests. The catalogue will be further developed over time and includes the following areas, among others:

  • Language learning and practice
  • Civic engagement and active participation
  • Understanding administrative procedures
  • Combating racism and all forms of discrimination
  • Discovering Luxembourg's values and the range of social, economic, political and cultural activities
  • Learn more about life in Luxembourg, its history and cultural heritage

... and much more!

Intercultural living

The 1st the law of 23 August 2023 on intercultural living together will come into force on 1 January 2024.

Intercultural living-together is a participative, dynamic and continuous process that enables everyone living or working in Luxembourg to live, work and decide together.

It is based on mutual respect, tolerance, solidarity, social cohesion and the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination. It establishes diversity as an asset for the development of an intercultural society. (*Art. 1: Law of 23 August 2023 on intercultural living together)

Catalogue of individual modules

Events, workshops, and activities in the field of intercultural living together.

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